Thursday, November 26

A Privacy Drawer

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Most high quality, established agents will have a Privacy Drawer, or something similar.

This is where buyers can find properties that are not readily available on the internet. There could be a multitude of reasons as to why a property resides in this drawer, but the primary ones are that certain vendors don’t want their property exposed to the marketplace until they know their timescale for moving, or a property has already been marketed in the traditional way, without success and is being withdarwn from the frontline or, finally, it’s a unqiue property that would attract unwated interest.

Whatever, the factors behind a property residing in the Privacy Drawer, how effective is it?

The simple answer is that the effectiveness of a Privacy Drawer will vary from one set of market conditions to another but it always works. The only time it fails is when an agent gets a bit trigger–happy with the mouse and decides they need more visible stock and uploads one or two “private” instructions to the web.

In the current climate, a Privacy Drawer can be very effective. While properties continue to languish for months on end, in some cases, those serious buyers will be excited by the prospect of seeing a property that isn’t widely available to the mass market.

The other key point about having a property in your Privacy Drawer, is that should your client suddenly decide they want to go fully onto the market, you’re just one clickaway from doing it. No time wasted.


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